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Here are Some Great Tips on How to Pass the CA Smog Test!

Car Dealer Licensing

Have you ever flipped a car?

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In California it is the sellers responsibility to smog the vehicle before purchase.

Sometimes I would ask the seller if they smogged the vehicle and they would say "I did it three months ago when I had to renew my registration so I don't need to do it." WRONG! Anytime vehicle ownership is going to be transferred it has to be done.

Say you bought the car from an auction, a private party that didn't supply the smog, etc. and you need to have it done before you register, or sell it.

Here are some tips on how to pass CA smog.

Check Engine light on is an automatic fail.

First things first. If your check engine light is on you will fail the CA smog test automatically so don't even bother. Many people continue to drive their cars with the check engine light on and not get it fixed. If it isn't effecting the way the car is driving why bother? I wouldn't deal with it unless the car wasn't operating right. Then I would be concerned.

[an error occurred while processing this directive] If your car seems to run fine and the check engine light has been on for sometime I would recommend first resetting it. What happens occasionally is that one code will generate other codes. By resetting it your wiping the slate clean. If the code pops back on you'll have the original and not several. Having just one code is much easier point of reference for the mechanic.

All technicians have OBD2 scanners. Those are the scanners that mechanics hook up to your car to see what kind of check engine code it is.

If your check engine light is on and you need to smog your car try this first.

Have a mechanic reset your check engine light and drive the car for around thirty miles. After a check engine light is reset the vehicle has to go through a drive cycle. A drive cycle means that as the vehicle is being driven the computer goes through several components of the car and tells the computer if their functioning properly. When the check engine light is reset all the monitors are incomplete. Once you begin to go through the drive cycle the monitors begin to go from incomplete to o.k. Generally there are around eight monitors the vehicle has to through. The monitors need to be ready to pass CA smog.

For vehicle 1996 to 2000 their can be two incomplete monitors to run the smog test.

For post 2001 vehicles their can only be one.

[an error occurred while processing this directive] If the light comes back on you will need to get the vehicle repaired. If not bring the vehicle back to the mechanic and ask him to check the monitors to see if the vehicle is ready for smog. If the monitors are not ready you will need to keep driving the vehicle until they are.

Some vehicles are excluded from this procedure because you can drive the car forever and the monitors will never clear. I know some Volvo's and Saab's are excluded from this. Your smog tech should be able to tell you.

If the monitors are ready you can go take the car in for the smog test

The light may never come back on which is great. It may come later but if the monitors on the vehicle are ready you wont have to deal with the check engine light at the present time.

If you buy and sell cars for profit you should buy and OB2 scanner. This way you can scan the check engine light on a vehicle before you buy it. Erase check engine lights, and check the vehicles monitors yourself.