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Learn the insider secrets of the used car bizand make money selling cars for a profit.

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Police impounds have great bargains on used cars!

Car Dealer Licensing

Have you ever flipped a car?

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Police Impounds

Anybody can attend police impounds. You can find where they are by contacting your local police station and asking where they're are held. When someone gets there vehicle impounded, they have to pay a fee to get it out. The fees add up everyday, and can get quite expensive. Some people can't afford to get their vehicle out, or they feel the fee is more than the car is worth so they just abandon them there. The city auctions off the vehicle to recoup some of the money owed to them.

Police impound cars

[an error occurred while processing this directive] There are great bargains at these auctions be careful. Look on the windshields of the cars there. They usually write on the windshield how the car came in (No license, abandoned, 72 hours), or if they have a key made for the car or not. Ask the guys at the police impounds yard if they've seen the cars your interested run,or if they've noticed any problems with them. Be wary of cars that have been abandoned. Obviously they've been abandoned for a reason.

The people who work at these auctions remove the license plates from the vehicles before they sell them. Since the owner of the vehicle left it there, selling the vehicle without the plates, and providing lien sale papers is like the vehicle being reborn again.

People who buy these cars for resale either register the car, or try to sell the car without the license plates. If you register the car it'll be easier to sell it because the car will have plates, and you'll have the title. It's more difficult to sell the car without registering first because there are no plates, and people are weary of that when they first see the car. You also will have lien sale papers instead of the title which is another thing people are weary about. Lien sale papers are what you're given to register the vehicle. They act as the title. Anybody who tries to sell a car without the plates on it, should park the car on a private spot, and not on the street unless they want the vehicle towed away.

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Go to a lot of different police impounds. They are all different. Some drive the cars in front of you, others they don't even start the engines. They have them every weekday so go to a bunch of different ones, and see which ones you like best. Unfortunately there aren't any police online auctions. The closest thing to police online auctions is copart auto auction. It's the only auction I know of where you solely bid online.

Bring the following when you go to police impound auctions:

  • Razor Blade
When you to police impound auctions or any auto auction for that matter, the people who work there right all sorts of stuff on the windshield. You have to remove all the writing off the windshield before you drive the car out of there.

You'll also want to bring

  • Jumper cables
  • Motor Oil
  • Coolant
Check all the fluid level before you drive off. Make sure there's plenty of coolant, and motor oil in the car.

So where are these police impound auctions?

Do you want to know where every auction in L.A. County is?

For only $9.95 you can have access to the complete list of police impound listings in LA County. There are eighteen different police impound auctions in Los Angeles county on the list. Go to the icon below, and hit buy now. After you have paid for the list, you'll be given a password. I send the password once I receive the email of your payment. Click on LA Auction List on the navigation bar, and enter the password for access to the LA police impound auction directory. This information is priceless. [an error occurred while processing this directive]

When you're ready to sell you car, run a vehicle history report before you put it up for sale:

The vehicle you're selling could be a one owner car, and you'll want to use that as a selling point.

Introduce yourself and get to know people when you attend these auctions. Make connections, and get tips. Talking to different people will broaden your mind, and make you think from a different perspective. You'll get tips on where the other auctions are, mechanics, and body shops that will charge you wholesale prices. You'll also get tips how to advertise, write good adds, weed out people on the phone who aren't serious, etc.