Selling on Ebay

Avoid listing cars that you would generally see in the local classified adds.

I wouldn’t be targeting people looking for a daily driver. They can find that locally. I think it would be pretty uncommon to ship a pristine 1998 Chevy Cavalier across the Pacific but I could be wrong. Instead focus on:

  • Vehicles that are high in demand
  • Unique in some way
  • Vehicles that are rare
  • Exotic cars (Ferraris, Lamborghini)
  • Classic muscle cars (Chevy Camaros, Ford Mustangs)
  • Antique cars
  • Cars with unique features, and options (Rare color, Limited manufactured model, Upgraded engine, performance mufflers

You’ll probably make more money selling cars on ebay that are rare and in pristine condition than selling locally. Your exposing your vehicle worldwide to collectors, dealers, etc. Some enthusiasts will pay top dollar for something rare in pristine condition.

The first step to selling on eBay Motors, you must register as an eBay member and create a seller’s account.

Get the vehicle professionally detailed. Have them do the exterior, interior, and engine compartment. Replace missing moldings, broken lights, cosmetic pieces, etc. Try to make your vehicle look as clean as you can without spending a lot of money. Doing the little things make a huge difference.

Photograph the car

Take as many high quality pictures as your add will allow. Lighting is important for photos. Poor lighting can make them difficult to see online. Watch for shadows in the photos. It’s best to take photos in the late afternoon when the sunlight is more subtle.

  • Exterior: Photograph the Front, Rear, Left side, and Right side.
  • Interior: Trunk, Dash, Front, and Back seats.
  • Other: Damage, Odometer, VIN #, Unique Features, Engine Bay.

Describe the vehicle in great detail. The more honest you are, the greater the bidder confidence. You have to be very specific if someone is buying a car sight unseen.

If you’re not specific about every detail the customer could get upset when they finally receive the car. They may notice a dent, or mechanical problem not described in your add. They could backlash buy giving you negative feedback, and listing that you misrepresented the car. Make sure you write in the disclaimer of your add that you described the vehicle to the best of your ability, and its the buyers responsibility to do a pre-sale inspection. If its a California car mention it in the add. California cars have a good reputation because they’re generally rust free. Including the vin# will develop confidence in your bidders, because it shows your not trying to hide the vehicles history.

Vehicle History Report

Instill confidence in your buyers by having a a history report of your vehicle in the add. Vehicle history reports tell you if the vehicle has been

  • Stolen, salvaged, or rebuilt?
  • In a flood or hail storm?
  • In an accident or fire?
  • A victim of potential odometer rollback?
  • Used as a rental or fleet vehicle, or as a police car or taxi?

Emphasize in your description any selling points like:


  • One owner car
  • Original paint
  • Maintenance records, especially one for rebuilt engines, or transmissions
  • Always garaged
  • Discuss any upgrades done to the car ( lowering kits)

    Bidders like stories of the vehicle’s history

    If you know the answers to these questions include them in your addHave you owned the vehicle long or know the previous owner?

    Where was the vehicle originally purchased?

    Where has all the maintenance been done?

    Was the mechanic a specialist of the particular make of the vehicle?

    Is the car rust free? Why did you buy it?

    Was the previous owner a non-smoker? elderly? a professional?

    Selling classic reconditioned cars

    There are a lot of people doing well selling cars on ebay which are classics or antiques. Buyers are mostly going to be enthusiasts of that particular make, and model.Describe what took place during the reconditioning process. Explain how you replaced, or upgraded something in particular that generally goes wrong, or gets worn out.

    “I’ve given this classic ford motor a full tune-up, replaced all the hoses, motor mounts, etc. Generally, I’ve replaced anything worn out. I’ve road tested the vehicle, and checked the engine compression”

    “This 1972 BMW 2002 has been repainted its classic taiga green color using only high quality paints!”

    “All electrical components have been gone through with a fine toothed comb. Front seats have been removed, and repadded. The AC has been checked for leaks, and just recharged with freeon! The AC compressor is only one year old!”

    Put the best features of the vehicle in your title add when selling cars on ebay

    1991 Honda Civic EX Coupe ONE OWNER !! Always Garaged !!

    1992 Mercedes Benz 350SDL Turbo Diesel !Only 1500 MADE! !Very Rare!

    1996 Acura NSX Has been featured in Car & Driver magazine!

    1969 Chevy Camaro SS !! All Original !!

    Include your contact information

    Include your email address or phone number in the add. Bidders usually have questions about used cars on ebay that weren’t describe in the add. Make it easy for them to contact you so they can inspect the car prior to purchasing it. Check your email for questions daily, and answer them promptly. If your really confident in the condition of the vehicle your selling, include a mechanic’s inspection report in your listing. If they buyer inspects the car prior to purchase they have a much better idea of what they’re are getting into.

    Financing through eBay

    Include in your add that potential buyers can apply for financing at the eBay Financing Center before they place a bid or offer to buy your vehicle. Deals close faster with loans arranged through the eBay Financing Center. Provide a link to the eBay Financing Center in your listing.

    Warranty Coverage

    If your vehicle is still under warranty include it in your add. Mention if your vehicle is covered under the free 30-day or 1,000-mile Short Term Service Agreement. This is a program that eBay offers through Aon Warranty Group.


    Check the feedback of people bidding on your vehicle. Remember you haven’t met this person, and the feedback system is a great way of finding out the bidder’s history. If the buyer has a history of negative feedback, you can block them from bidding on your vehicle.

    You’ll want to establish some positive feedback of your own before you start selling cars on ebay. Listing a car with zero feedback makes it hard for a bidder to have confidence in you. It makes you look inexperienced.

    Start the bidding low

    If your starting price is really low, making money on ebay motors will be easier because many more bidders will be joining in, and excitement will build around your vehicle. The more bidders involved the more excitement. More bidding wars. If the starting bid is too high, bidders will be gun shy.


    Be very specific in your disclaimer when selling cars on ebay. Note that the condition of an older vehicle is subjective, and should have some degree of wear, and tear.

    Explain if the vehicle is “as is” or comes with some kind of warranty. Welcome bidders to come do an inspection.

    Terms Of Sale


    Let bidders know if you require a deposit when the auction ends. Specify the amount, when its due by, and if its non-refundable. Explain when the remaining balance is due by, and if there are any additional fees on top of the sales price. Specify if the remaining balance must be received before pick-up, or delivery of the vehicle. This is important because some buyers may decide they don’t want the vehicle after they’ve seen it in person. When selling cars on ebay, let the winning bidder know what happens if you don’t receive the deposit within a specific time frame. Will the vehicle be offered for sale to other buyers?Payment types

    Describe what types of payment you accept. Cash, check (after it clears), money order, wire transfer, paypal, cashier’s check, etc.

    Fees and Taxes

    Explain how the car will be registered.

    Will you do it?

    will the new owner do it?

    How will the paperwork be handled if registered locally, out of state, or out of the country?


    Is the buyer responsible for the shipping?Will you help arrange shipping?

    Do you handle the shipping?

    Specify who will pay for the shipping and whether you will be willing to deliver the vehicle within a specific driving distance. Many eBay Motors buyers will drive or fly to the seller’s location to pick up the vehicle.

    Sellers will often provide estimates of shipping costs to various locations around the U.S. Make sure the shipping company that you and the buyer agree to use is fully bonded and insured. eBay Motors also provides buyers with an option to arrange shipping via Dependable Auto Shippers (DAS). EBay Motors recommends Dependable Auto Shippers (DAS) as a quality private vehicle carrier. Always include your city and ZIP code in your listing. Buyers can use this information to get a free online quote for vehicle shipping. Making money on ebay motors will be much easier following these simple guidelines.

    Second Chance Offers

    If your vehicle didn’t sell you can make a second chance offer to one of your bidders. The second chance offer gives you the opportunity to offer your vehicle at a lower price. You can negotiate any price you want with the buyer, but your second chance offer must be lower than the original reserve price. If you wish to relist your vehicle, and it sells, eBAY will refund your insertion fee.

    Title Transfer

    Make sure you have the title ready, and that it’s free of any liens. You’ll have to give the title to the new owner. Each state has different policies on how to transfer a title on a vehicle. Go to DMV website of the state where the car will be registered,and read their title transfer policy.

    eBay Motors Vehicle Protection Programs

    There are programs to make buying cars on ebay more convenient, and to instill confidence in the buyer. Some of the protection programs are:

    • Condition guarantee by seller: Provides added confidence that the condition of the vehicle is as described, and protects you if it isn’t. All sellers in the program are verified licensed dealers.
    • Vehicle Purchase Protection:

    Provides protection of up to $20,000 against certain losses associated with some types of fraud. You are automatically enrolled in the program when you purchase a vehicle on eBay Motors. This program only covers you if you buy a vehicle, and never receive it, you send a refundable deposit for a vehicle and never receive it, or you pay for a vehicle and receive it but suffer losses because:

    • The vehicle was determined by a law enforcement agency to have been stolen at the time of the end of the listing.
    • The vehicle has an undisclosed or unknown lien against its title.
    • The vehicle make, model or year is different than what was described in the seller’s listing at the time you placed your bid or offer.
    • A title is required for the vehicle by your state and the seller’s state but you did not receive a title from the seller and it is not possible to obtain a title from the appropriate DMV.
    • The vehicle has a title with an undisclosed salvage, rebuilt/rebuildable, unrebuildable, reconstructed, scrapped/destroyed, junk, lemon, manufacturer buyback, or water damage brand at the time of the end of the listing. (This protection is not available for vehicles listed in the Dune Buggies, Race Cars or Trailers categories.)
    • The vehicle is less than 20 years old and has more than a 5,000 mile odometer discrepancy from the mileage as stated in the seller’s listing. (This protection is only available for vehicles listed in the Cars & Trucks and RVs & Campers categories.)
    • The vehicle had undisclosed engine, body, transmission, and/or frame damage at the time of purchase that will cost more than $1,000 to repair. The cost of repair to any one of those components must exceed $1,000. For vehicles in the Boats (engine and hull only), Buses, Commercial Trucks, and RVs & Campers categories, the cost of the undisclosed engine, body, transmission, or frame damage must exceed $1,500. Race Cars are not eligible for this protection.